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descriptionOurworld's Downloadble Content EmptyOurworld's Downloadble Content

So, if you've been on OurWorld you'll all know that we received an email telling us OurWorld will be downloadable for desktop. The main question I have is does anyone know if you're still going to be able to download the game on Chromebook? Or are Chromebook users just not going to be able to play OurWorld anymore? No

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Was thinking the same thing about Mac OS. And what about when we want to transfer over items. Will we still be able to get on more than one account at a time? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I don't believe that anything SHOULD change all that much since more than likely the downloadable client is more than likely
going to be bundled with flash to be able to run the game. That being said: ourWorld isn't the only game that people won't be
able to play due to lack of flash support and the site will likely still be accessible to any browsers running flash (if they're smart),
that being said, Flash Support may be removed from Firefox and Chrome but that doesn't mean that other third party browsers
can't decide to bundle it, there will more than likely be other browsers that you can get on Windows, OS X and Linux that have
support for flash and be able to play the game. Of course the developers could choose to change it entirely and make it only
accessible via the downloadable client but in the end that will be their choice if they do so.

descriptionOurworld's Downloadble Content EmptyOurWorld's Reply

So, I decided to email OurWorld on this matter. They said that Chromebooks doesn't do "well" on the site already, (I've had no issues) and so they can't guarantee that'll download normally. So, basically if you're a Chromebook user you won't be able to play. So, I guess when they switch over my 7 years of playing is over.
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