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descriptionbots in ourworld Emptybots in ourworld

all accounts playing Bazooka Trooper to farm flow are bots.

From what I know it isn't a glitch and most likely the accounts are farmed on a server set up to farm flow, sell the items for coins and then sell those coins across multiple websites. Bazooka Trooper has a very high starting flow rate (I believe it's around 1 flow a level), which is why the accounts farm this game.
The accounts get their flow boosting items from the item duplicating glitch. The accounts first started appearing 3 months ago, and almost all their profiles are private so we don't know who is duplicating the items.

All of these users are bots that are used to gather coins and sell 15, 30, 50, 100 million coins on playerauctions and other websites.

Cinder Block Fac (a group of these flow boosting accs) I believe is used to profit one account with coins to get rare items and then sell.

I'm not aware of the Bazooka Trooper glitch, but I'm sure it has to do with a private script, I've looked across the internet for the flow method but couldn't find anything. However, most of the accounts gain a major amount of flow because all of them have 100% group flow boost and they maximize the groups which adds up to an insanely high flow boost.

the players seemed like orchestrated bots. I didn't know that it's possible to macro-map a full game and then automate the bots.

descriptionbots in ourworld EmptyRe: bots in ourworld

Do you think it's why ourWorld has been laggy?
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