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descriptionJumpescares & crashes EmptyJumpescares & crashes


Hey everyone! I’m new to the forum but I’ve been playing OurWorld since 2010 off and on. Well this year I started playing regularly throughout the weeks. But I’ve been noticing a few strange things.
1.) There’s A LOT of account that are levels 200+. I understand they they could be getting a lot of flow but I’ve recognized this during the months of April and May. In March I noticed that most account were level 50-120.
2.) Last week while playing OurWorld, my server crashed 3 times in that one week. I thought it was just my WiFi but my friends that play also said that theirs have been crashing as well.
3.) My friend told me that she got a jump scare while playing OurWorld and at first I didn’t believe her. But when I was at some parties, the players were talking about it.
Does anyone know anything about these topics or have any information?

Also I was look through this forum and you all seem nice! Smile

descriptionJumpescares & crashes EmptyRe: Jumpescares & crashes

1. That person is probably using those accounts to pop the flow, move the coins, and repeat. Nothing scary, they're probably just bored.

2. I think they have mostly fixed the crashing.

3. oW has blocked the unsecure link, which is where the hackers were causing it on through events. The secure link doesn't have this issue.

Also, welcome to ourWorld Buzz Forums!
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