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descriptionphony accounts/imposters Emptyphony accounts/imposters

sorry to bother anyone but there are people making imposter accounts out of ur avatar and i had this issue a few times this year. first there were these two losers who had a similar look and name to my old screen name * and they got banned or something b/c i reported them and tried saying i was their brother. pfft no i'm not and idek u. and this other person who tried to copy my other old screen name * had a similar name and look to me and i told him to change his look and name and he did. and now my new screen name? just wow, can't these people choose something else instead of copying u and trying to make u look fake? i hate people like that, they're thieves who want to impersonate u. his name is the * which sounds similar to mine but its fine maybe next time when i see him i'll ask him to change his name.


descriptionphony accounts/imposters EmptyRe: phony accounts/imposters

Again??? What do they have against you - again?
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