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descriptionourworld hacked? Emptyourworld hacked?

so, the fact that ourworld hasn't said ANYTHING on any of their social media accounts about adding all of this old stuff to the store, as well as the fact that the condo glitch is happening again (the last time that that was happening, ourworld was actively getting hacked by someone/multiple people) makes me believe this wasn't ourworld staff's doing and someone elses. i appreciate it, by all means, because it's cool to have all of the items that i wanted as a kid - but i'm afraid of what might happen to our account/items once ourworld either catches whiff or gets things back in control. there's no way that they would wipe our shit, right...? scratch

descriptionourworld hacked? EmptyRe: ourworld hacked?

That sounds unlikely. The condo glitch is probably just that - a glitch. And the re-release of old items is intentional.

descriptionourworld hacked? EmptyRe: ourworld hacked?

Something tells that they didn't think telling us about the store thing was critical.

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I know that I'm a little late to this forum since I mostly frequent discord but anywho...

I was writing a python module to work w/ ourWorld better and trying to do it cleaner and
add more to it, I had written the code to connect to a room and as the userid I decided to
put a default one in case I didn't specify I thought "why not zero". So when I wrote a script
to actually use this I forgot to specify a userid and what do you know the server I did it on
was then having everyone put into the same condo. BASICALLY rooms like the boardwalk
have a userid of zero as their owner. Connecting to a condo room like that turns it into a public place (for some reason).

When I made this mistake for the second time I posted about it in a discord server
and others then knew how to do it if they ever so chose to. Recently after some drama
that I won't be elaborating on here a certain person wasn't too pleased w/ being kicked
out of a discord group and caused to glitch to get everyone in one place to get userids to
crash easier. So long story short: first time times it was me, third time wasn't but they probably
knew how to do it because of me. The Good news is that this glitch can be VERY EASILY fixed
if the developers decide to do so. I'm POSITIVE that they could fix it with one line and have a good idea what their server code looks like.

But needless to say it's past for now, a server restart resets it.

NOTE TO DEVELOPERS - You can fix this SUPER easily:

Go search through the source code for your server for kTagMessageInitializeConnection
and where you probably read the tag for the condo owner


int userid = message.getInteger(kTagPerson);

if(userid < 10000) {
  // add the code to kill the connection here OR swap the userid like so
   userid = 8675309;


descriptionourworld hacked? EmptyRe: ourworld hacked?

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