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descriptionDecember 16, 2020 Updates EmptyDecember 16, 2020 Updates

Here's a little update on what's been happening around the fora.

  • New Domain & Name

  • Signatures - Now you can add a signature to your profile, just go to Edit Profile > Signature

  • Ranks - Members now have ranks. We're starting off simple - Member, Bronze Member, Silver Member and Gold Member. Your rank will update according to your post count.

  • Chatbox - We've added a chatbox at bottom of the homepage.

  • Visual Changes - We've made a couple of visual changes here and there for better viewing.

Feel free to leave suggestions for anything we should add or work on next.

descriptionDecember 16, 2020 Updates EmptyRe: December 16, 2020 Updates

Ohhh, that explains the rankings - man, was I lost for a moment xDD
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