Good day everyone!

You might have noticed that now redirects to, and you might be wondering why. So let me explain.

The forum began as a place for ourWorlders and ourWorld-related discussions. But there are other games besides ourWorld that we like and that we report on, like Vegas World ( and soon - Casino World ( And there may even be more in the future. So instead of having a separate forum for each game, we've decided to have one place for all of them. So that's where GameMoor Fora come in.

And you might be wondering - why fora? Well. Two reasons. Actually three.
1. Despite what anyone may say, fora is the plural for forum.
2. It is shorter than forums or forum.
3. It looks visually better in the address bar because it's shorter and because there's no m (we already have 2 m's in gamemoor!)

In the coming days, the fora will undergo a few small, mostly visual, changes to reflect the new direction.

Oh, and yes, GameMoor is basically RedNorth 2.0. (our first attempt at bringing different game communities together on one platform.), but under a new (and better!) name.

Let us know what you think of this change. Do you think it's a good idea, a bad idea, or do you not really care?