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descriptionFan Maintenance? EmptyFan Maintenance?

This is probably a long shot but it's really hitting me right now that there aren't going to be any more items added to the game. Is there any reason there couldn't be a team of volunteers given the ability to make more? Or, less riskily, an offshoot of the game like the playtest server where volunteers can add items that don't affect the original game? A release of the source code maybe? I'm just really sad about the idea of the game stagnating when it has such an active community of talented people

descriptionFan Maintenance? EmptyRe: Fan Maintenance?

I don't think they will do such thing for number of reasons like

it is their IP, even if they are discontinuing it's updates it is not in their best interest to make ow code opensource.
other games like Vegas world etc will likely to share some of the code or dependencies with code of OW
converting or making an isolated or separate code on which ow/ow-pt runs is a HUGE task and FP don't want to do any more work on it so thats out of the window
Making code open for public will cause a lot of security issues and can be exploited in so many ways, not that flash had it's own zero day issues anyways.
Moderating who can access or submit their fork in pt or live version is another active task and huge pain.
and the list goes on and on.......

So even I am sad to say but this ain't happening for 99%. Crying or Very sad GGWP, RIP OW.

descriptionFan Maintenance? EmptyRe: Fan Maintenance?

Can't confirm yet. But I've been hearing that something similar might be happening. Not exactly what you've described, but in that direction.

descriptionFan Maintenance? EmptyRe: Fan Maintenance?

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