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descriptionItem Codes EmptyItem Codes

These codes expire 01/01/2021:

  • Jill's Hair: D507-C985-7C7E-C71F-DFA7
  • Collette Hair: 5D7B-8440-093A-0DCD-7F80
  • Zoe Hair: 767D-D7C5-723B-4FE3-C6B9
  • Veronica Hair: 5234-485E-6991-E455-C863
  • Azia Hair: 9140-5805-26BF-6EF2-5022
  • Vernicia Hair: B3B3-5326-F219-7A09-AE64
  • Melvin Hair: C643-E694-0EA6-61D3-E95B
  • Edwin Hair: 4A6B-28B7-C892-878C-66AE
  • Caden Hair: 7219-FCAE-B6B2-B04D-3B5C
  • Derrick Hair: 9611-7286-ADDD-7DF9-AC5F
  • Volla NPC Hair: A2C1-759D-B8D8-7270-365B
  • Vamp Teeth: F2C8-3C56-F8BC-E77F-CC35
  • Demon Eyes: F0B2-E3CA-8110-2B72-D86E
  • Dripping: 435A-84F6-D39C-F0FE-BA9C
  • Fall Hair (female): 2C27-2F66-CEF5-E156-C147
  • Ghost Potion: C572-DA2F-F8D1-FF15-415C
  • Midnight Crow Wings: A984-A516-46C0-495E-7EAC
  • Ghoul Eyes: CE91-3786-EA5C-385C-9C17
  • Fiend Eyes: 7760-8234-4124-5C53-985D
  • Starry Eye Tattoo: 1CC6-F69A-E1E1-6ABA-7F6B
  • Felix Magus Radiance: 9D3D-5204-FA0A-80C6-72DD
  • Mystical Daylight Leaves: F4FF-5738-6FBF-F6C3-6ACF
  • Mystical Nightshade Leaves: 348F-215D-AEE8-1A26-BA91
  • Snaps NPC Necklace (female): 100E-3120-3484-928D-6F77 (note that the thumbnail is wrong)

  • 190 Levels: 3E04-66E5-8492-EB70-BC76
  • 60 Months Zoe's Club: FF33-0CB3-3FB2-E861-4888
  • Outfit Capacity 1000: DD98-635E-9D69-E4EE-234C
  • Clothing Capacity 20000: 4D96-ECEE-C4D5-F175-9654
  • Furniture Capacity 1000: 2FE8-F743-AA0B-C4D2-AB1D
  • Photo Capacity 1500: 4C4F-036C-CB5F-6291-56F7

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descriptionItem Codes EmptyRe: Item Codes

Thanks a lot for these!

Will these codes be updated some day? e.g. (Mag hat codes, Lucky Devil Set, Ghost Girl/ Boy)


descriptionItem Codes EmptyRe: Item Codes

how do i use codes?

descriptionItem Codes EmptyRe: Item Codes

Zaymelon wrote:
how do i use codes?

These codes don't work on regular live ourWorld server, only on the playtest server.

descriptionItem Codes EmptyRe: Item Codes


descriptionItem Codes EmptyRe: Item Codes

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