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descriptionBug in the new game EmptyBug in the new game

Hello there, I hope its the right place to post this, Idk how all those new forums are supposed to work.
so Ive been playing the new game that came out which is called "Death Arena Reality Show".
This game has a few game modes, and theres this game mode called "Endless Challenge" which u can only pay after completing all the 20 regular game levels.
Upon entering the game mode, your in-game fighter is invinsible and you can't shot the enemies, in the picture you can literally see the enemy shotting no one because its bugged and my fighter in invinsible somehow.
This specific game mode isnt working properly because you cannot play this level, here are a few screenshots where you cant see your ally / fighter and you cant fight back. its literally just watching the screen and Im pretty sure its not supposed to be like that. correct me if Im wrong..
I have no idea how to explain that bug - youll need to play it for once to understand what Im saying so I hope u got my point.

Bug in the new game 111110
Bug in the new game 1111

descriptionBug in the new game EmptyRe: Bug in the new game

We've decided to leave this alone as it happens at the end of the game, and the only other option would be to remove the game entirely. Thanks for reporting!
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